Monday, March 14, 2016

Embracing freedom, decrying Trump

           Better View of the Moon is a daily blog devoted to writing, publishing, and creativity. While I am frequently political in this space, I tend to stick to the politics of writing and publishing—whose stories we have a right to tell, what behaviors challenge the ethics of editors, why poetry is so crucial in the world.
            March 15 is primary day in Missouri, though, and my fellow Show-Me voters will have an opportunity to cast a ballot for that Oompa Loompa of hate, Donald Trump. I fervently hope they won’t.
            Trump’s antics used to be sort of funny—all scripted bombast and colorful nastiness. I didn’t take him too seriously; in fact, he struck me as ridiculous—over the top and just in it for the show.
            I misjudged him. Trump is serious—he is a deadly threat. He is not above inciting violence among his followers. He casts immigrants as “the other” and looks away when his followers do harm to them.
            On a practical note, Trump seems to have no particular ideas, apart from building a very high wall, 1,933 miles in length.
            This is the sort of go-to plan we can expect from Donald Trump—showy things that are unnecessary and ineffective. (Mexican immigration is on the decline. There is already a patrolled border.) I honestly believe Trump’s purpose is to erect lots of things he might be able to put the name “TRUMP” on—things that would look cool gilded.
            But meanwhile, he constantly raises suspicions about the groups he doesn’t like. Muslims are out to destroy us; Mexicans are out to rape us. Women are out to bleed from their wherevers all over us, and to be fat and ugly while they do it. Sanders supporters are out to scare us. But the guy who is holding Nuremburg-style rallies, shushing opposition, and joking about harming his opponents is Donald Trump himself.
            All of this has either nothing or everything to do with poetry, but I wanted to use this space to decry Trump, and to implore all people of conscience to likewise speak out against him.
            He keeps the press in a bullpen at his rallies. His henchmen rough up the media with regularity. He belittles and denies access to reporters he doesn’t like. And if he were president, I doubt that media freedom would continue to exist in the way our democracy requires.
            So I have a little blog. It’s not much of a thing, and its reach is small. But I’m using it to decry a dangerous and hateful man who threatens our Republic.

            I hope you’ll use your own pulpit, no matter the size, to do the same, while you still can.


  1. thank you for this. I find it hard to articulate my horror of Trump and you've shared a few words I can use to help frame my thoughts and fears, in my own head or in conversation should the moment arise. I take heart in the quiet strength and solidarity of writers writing, so, please, continue.

  2. Thank you for saying that. He IS horrifying -- but I take heart in the basic goodness of all the voters I know on the left and the right. Still, we have to speak out against fascism where we can, and here's my little niche to do that.

  3. Thank you for stating this. I've been appalled and frightened by Trump for months now while my husband has viewed him as a joke. Finally, he sees how dangerous Trump is. I hope that more people come to their senses and see Trump for the demagogue he is.

    1. So true. I do believe we'll all come to our collective senses eventually, though. Hope it's sooner instead of later!