Saturday, January 21, 2017

Love in His Throat: Day 1

I'm happy to introduce a new feature, called "Love in His Throat." Every day, I plan to take some hateful statement of our new president and rearrange them into loving words, whether through erasure or use of a word bank. First up: a senryu.

Source text, Fox News U.S. President Trump lies about inauguration crowd size:

TRUMP: "I made a speech. I looked out. The field was — it looked like a million, a million and a half people."
The president went on to say that one network "said we drew 250,000 people. Now that's not bad. But it's a lie." He then claimed that were 250,000 right by the stage and the "rest of the, you know, 20-block area, all the way back to the Washington Monument was packed."
"So we caught them," said Trump. "And we caught them in a beauty. And I think they're going to pay a big price."
Improved version:

Looked out: a million
people! Caught them in beauty—

now that’s not a lie.

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