Friday, February 6, 2015

A Poem by Laura Kaminski

I was really happy to encounter this poem by my friend Laura Kaminski. In it, she responds to a poem of mine called "Cooking With Ernie and Mom," which I include here. I enjoy the idea of a poetic conversation—it sort of makes me want to keep the ball rolling!

Cooking With Ernie and Mom

We slice the Swiss, we place it
on bread, we narrate every step.
We are learning to move together,
to stand the length of the focus we set
just past the reach of an arm.

He holds the camera as I talk us through
and the butter starts to sizzle.

We tidied the kitchen before we began,
heaped apples up in a bowl.
The heart of the house was exact.

After, we watch and laugh at our jokes.
Strings of cheese tether us
to perfect sunflower toast.